Tektronix 570 Characteristic-curve Tracer - Crating
Ser. No. 005580

We cleaned the pins of all the 7- and 9-pin tubes in this unit of their hard, oxide coating. This assures a consistent quality of contact with the sockets into which they are inserted. See the adjacent before and after pix at the left and right respectively.

Having been in a dry climate for the last 30-odd years, all the sockets are in very good shape in terms of their contacts being bright and clean, with no oxidation.

The result is that this 570 can reasonably be expected to turn in very reliable performance for a good long while . . .

To insure that no problems occur during transit, we wired up the compliant, cooling fan mounts in case of severe impact. We once took delivery of an uncrated and admittedly poorly packed Tek 575 transistor curve tracer that UPS used as "test dummy." During that abuse the fan broke loose and destroyed the CRT ! ! All tube type Tek scopes and curve tracers were built using ceramic terminal strips, connections to which being made with an apparently special, silver bearing solder. To facilitate repairs, all such units were provisioned with a small spool of appropriate solder and this is shown above.

All the tubes have been removed and boxed with both their position number within the instrument and type indicated on the box.

They have been grouped for shipment so as to make re-insertion at destination an intuitive matter . . .

Be absolutely certain to replace all tubes correctly, otherwise the instrument will
not meet specification.

To protect front panel, the CRT, the meter and all the controls, a specially fitted Styrofoam/cardboard cover was fabricated.

The crate is made from 1/2" plywood and battened together with 1" sq. fir
battens that are glued and ring nailed or screwed to adjoining sides, as required.

The unit has been wrapped in several layers of shock absorbing bubble wrap, prior to a wrap of heavy cardboard

The unit is shown here wrapped in bubble wrap and a sheet of 3/8" "crating
cardboard" used to crate pianos for surface shipment from the Czech Republic.