TEKTRONIX 570 Tube Characteristic-curve Tracer

This Tek' 570, ser. no. 5189, is a late model in exceptionally good condition.
It is supplied with a full set of test sockets, test leads and a photocopy of an older
version of the service/operator's manual. If required an excellent copy of the latest manual
can be supplied, complete with full size fold out schematics. To download a serviceable copy
of the latest version of the manual (obtained elsewhere)
click here.

For shipment, all the tubes will be removed and boxed with labels V412 -12B4, V405 - 6X4, etc.
so they can be exactly replaced into the instrument at destination, see the bottommost picture . . .
The unit will be heavily bubble wrapped and packed into a hard case that is
50 x 60 x 70 cm or 20" x 24" x 28" and weighing approx 57 KG or 125 lbs.
The cost for the case is $US100.00 and is included in the handling cost quoted below.

Over the last 20 years we have owned, sold and shipped worldwide eight 570s and
all have arrived in perfect condition with the likes of Roger Modjeski of RAM Labs,
David Manley ex of Manley Labs and the Ei factory in Yugoslavia having purchased from us.

The reserve is $US3,500.00

The front panel really -is- perfect, it's my older SONY 1.2MP camera that's not doing it justice

The shots below are of another, identical unit taken with the same camera under rather better lighting.

Two of each of the sockets shown above are supplied with the unit, along with a quite complete set of patch leads of which more can easily be made using standard banana plugs and readily available test lead wire.

Tubes removed and packed for shipment.