Supplemental Pix & Description

Model 1308-A Oscillator & Power Amplifier

Due to the oscillator and power amplifier being separate within the instrument, both are available for stand-alone work. In addition to its obvious use within the 1630-AV, the 1308-A can be used as a 200W source of very clean, variable frequency AC for testing line operated equipment at 50, 60 and 400Hz. To download a 1.8 meg version of the Instruction Manual for the 1308-A Power Oscillator and Power Amplifier in PDF, click here

This unit weighs approximately 100lbs and here you can see why. This is the most robust construction I've ever seen in commercial, lab electronics.

Model 1265-A Adjustable DC Power Supply

The model 1265-A can be used as either a constant current of constant voltage supply, making in useful as a general purpose lab instrument. While GenRad rate it to only 400VDC, it will provide its rated output power at up to 500VDC. To download a 2.1 meg version of the Instruction Manual for the 1265 DC Supply in PDF, click here.

Again, incredibly robust construction . . .

Model 1633-A Incremental Inductance Bridge

Despite the 500V "limitation" in the AC and DC supplies of the 1630-AV, the Model 1633-A Incremental Inductance Bridge shown below can be used at up to 1250VAC. The bridge can operate on a little as 6mV and from 0 to 7A of current.

By the use of a 250W, .1 ohm resistor connected as shown in Fig. 2.4 of the 1633-A Instruction Manual available for download here inductors can be tested at up to 50A of current.

Additionally, it provides outputs suitable for the XY, oscilloscope display of hysteresis curves.

When used with a Model 1232-A Tuned Amplifier and Null Detector, the 1633-A can be used throughout the range of 20Hz. to 20KHz. To download a 2.6 meg version of the Instruction Manual for the 1633-A & 30AV Inductance Bridge in PDF, click here.