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AN 0.3

  The Index to the PEARL Vacuum Tube Technology Archive
Note that this document is updated approximately monthly as new items are uploaded to our site. All downloads presently available can be accessed through the PEARL Archive listings below.

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AN 0.4

  Vacuum Tube Electronics: A Review of the Major Texts:
Scott authoritatively reviews scores of the classic textbooks on vacuum tube theory, implementation, construction and so on . . . . highly recommended. Presented here with the permission of
Scott Frankland.

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AN 1.3

  PEARL Tube Coolers:
The 198 pg. PEARL Audio Note, “PEARL Tube Coolers and Equipment Reliability” provides both a present-day overview and several magazine reviews as well as an extensive overview of the period literature and patents.

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AN 1.5

  PEARL Tube Coolers - A Quick Start Guide:
A 4 page guide to the basic theory of operation and installation of our tube coolers

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AN 2.1.1

  A Little Input on Audio Output Transformers & Update:
Some basic transformer theory and specifications on PEARL's high power, ultra-wide bandwidth output transformers.
The Update covers ultra-linear operation implemented with a separate screen winding and regulated, screen power supply.

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AN 6.2

  Getting the Shake and Rattle Out of Your Rock and Roll: Suppressing Microphonic Output from Vacuum Tube Gear -
Information on microphony in general and PEARL Iso-sockets in particular.

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AN 7.1

  Iso-socket Installation Instructions:
The title says it all . . .

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AN 8.1

  The Measurement of Microphonic Effects in Vacuum Tubes:
A very informative discussion of microphony

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AN 9.1

  Making Contact with Your Tubes:
How to clean the heavy oxides from through-glass pins of tubes using same for connection with socket contacts.

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AN 23.1

  The PEARL SC 280 Monoblock - Notes on a Work in Progress:
Although the title does say it all, these notes were written in 1990/2 and although much work has been done since then, no notes documenting that work have been written as yet.

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AN 23.2

  The PEARL SC 280 Monoblock - Notes on a Work in Progress:
This is an Update to AN 23.1

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Download the index to the PEARL Vacuum Tube Technology Archive

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Volume 1 - Power Amplifiers

  Sec. 01   Amplifier Basics - 15 articles

Sec. 01

  Sec. 02   Ultra-linear Amplifiers - 23 articles

Sec. 02

  Sec. 03   Mcintosh Unity-coupled Amplifier

Sec. 03

  Sec. 04   Triode Connected Tetrodes

Sec. 04

  Sec. 05   Constant Current Output Stages

Sec. 05

  Sec. 06   The Williamson Amplifier

Sec. 06



Volume 2 - Power Amplifiers

Sec. 07    

Sec. 07

  Sec. 08    

Sec. 08

  Sec. 09    

Sec. 09

  Sec. 10    

Sec. 10

  Sec. 11    

Sec. 11

  Sec. 12    

Sec. 12

  Sec. 13    

Sec. 13



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