National Magnetics COMPCORE 1.5
Toroid and Cut-core Design Analysis Software


While provided free-of-charge, COMPCORE is NOT SUPPORTED by MK Magnetics, Inc. or PEARL, Inc.

  COMPCORE 1.5 is a DOS-based magnetic design analysis program written for the IBM PC and compatible computers. It evaluates varied design criteria and applies them to tape wound cores accessed from the extensive database wholly created by National Magnetics Corp., now MK Magnetics Corp.

COMPCORE 1.5 was researched and developed by Richard Wood, Joe McCarron and William Jahnke from 1988 thru 1991. The software was designed and written by Frank Inglis.

As of 2019, Mr. Jahnke is the technical and operations director of MK Magnetics Inc.

The program provides input screens featuring project and name identification, input parameters, expected magnetic performance and completed transformer estimate.

The Manual and its Ver. 1.5 Supplement were designed to supplement the program's built-in help screens. These assist the user in understanding the requirements of the individual data entry fields in the program.

The information in the manual and the help screens is provided as a means of guiding the user through the program and neither was ever intended to preempt a basic understanding of the nomenclature and design background neccessary for the creation of tape wound magnetic products.

The program can be used with little difficulty by engineers not normally responsible for the design and application of magnetic devices. However, it is most useful to the magnetics design engineer already familiar with these sorts of products.

The program does not 'back into' the design process by analysing a given design problem; rather, it analyzes a core's performance given a set of operating parameters input by the designer. After the initial design criteria have been entered, the designer can then vary many of the core's parameters and design variables to optimize the performance. Thereby, the designer is provided an opportunity to change variables at will and run "what if" scenarios with the design prior to printing results.

Download the CompCore 1.5 Manual here.
Download CompCore 1.5 DOS App here.

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    Fig. 1. The opening data entry splash screen
    Fig. 2. The initial core and operating parameter entry screen. Note that when specifying a custom core the 'N) N.M. Part #:' field is named 'CH-NONE'.
    Fig. 3. The materials selection screen.

      Fig. 4. The opening data entry screen.

      Fig. 5. A simple example.

      Fig. 6. Permeability vs. flux density vs. frequency from 200KHz leftmost to 60Hz rightmost for 1mil, grain oriented, 3% SiFe.

      Fig. 7. Permeability vs. flux density vs. frequency from 100KHz leftmost to 60Hz rightmost for 4mil, grain oriented, 3% SiFe.

      Fig. 8. Permeability vs. flux density vs. frequency from 100KHz leftmost to 60Hz rightmost for 12mil, grain oriented, 3% SiFe.

    Fig. 9. Core loss in W/Lb vs. frequency from 60Hz leftmost to 200KHz rightmost.

      Fig. 10. Operator's manual contents and navigation. Download the Manual here.