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Welcome to this, my first attempt at a website. It's now mid-February 2004 and while this is taking rather longer than I anticipated at the outset, useful content is slowly appearing here. In the meantime I continue to amass material while working out the details of hosting what will soon be a virtual library, a cybrary if you will.

So that as many people as possible can view this site without incident I am advised by my web design mentor, an HTML maven who is by turns patiently holding my hand and pugnaciously slapping my wrist, to avoid Java, Flash, various CGI scripting and all manner ghee-gaw, gizmo and do-dad. So until I learn more, I'm pretty much taking his advice and building this virtual place to be HTML 4.0 compliant.

That said however, some of the previously mentioned technologies now see good support across a sufficiently wide gamut of OSs and browsers that Java in particular can be used with some real success On that basis I'll have up and running by about mid-March a very effective site-wide navigation and search tool. In demo mode the tool's format can be seen

I am constantly dismayed by the lack of great, site navigation tools experienced across the
WWW. How many times have you visited a huge site only to become hopelessly lost and entirely unable to get a really clear picture of: first; a site's overall construction and second; the actual contents of its many, many pages? The tool which is linked above allows just such navigation and from a single page into the bargain. For those who'd like to dig a bit more deeply into the many matters having to do with truly navigable web design, here's just one link to what must be hundreds of such articles on the web.

In another vein, quite a few folks have asked me why this site has so many sections seemingly unrelated to audio and the reason is simple: some time ago I made the decision to put both my working and, to great extent, my personal lives into this work. They being very closely intertwined any separation would have been artificial and, maybe I have some things to say about life in general that others will find interesting, stimulating or, despite best efforts to avoid such, outrageous . . .
Regardless, my intent here is to provide a deep, widely informative resource; one that is well linked to other, similarly in-depth resources.

Thanks for your interest, please come back soon and often, I'll be getting more and more of
The PEARL Archive of Vacuum Technology uploaded as the months roll by.

PLEASE: Be sure to FORCE REFRESH every page you visit.
There will be much change between now and the end of the year and you might not see all of it unless you refresh continually.

Your browser caches web pages and images pages on your hard drive and does not always update as often OR as well as it should. So, if you are a Mac user press the "Option" key when selecting the "Refresh" command from your browser's menu bar. Windows users can use the "Control" button.

Enjoy . . .


Bill Perkins
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